Status update two

FantasyPosted by Hans Olsson Sun, February 05, 2017 09:34:41
One week has passed and so far the Project is at almost 1% of the required sum. This is awesome!
While 1% is great, it's still a bit to go before reaching the goal. I have a good feeling for the upcoming week.

The Kickstarter project is an All-Or-Nothing. If the goal is not reached no money are transferred, and no translation will be made.
So don't wait with supporting this.


Here are some facts about the novel:
While writing the novel I read a lot of poker books and watched a lot of tournaments on YouTube.
Despite this I needed more feedback, and decided to contact a poker forum: pokerforum.nu.
I started to post chapters from the novel online, and invited anyone to read it and comment. I got a lot of feedback, which in the end helped to shape up the poker parts.
As thanks for the help I gave away two unique naming opportunities. Hence two character names in the book are not mine at all: Rogan Flugelhorn, number 3.199 and Kent "Kenta" LennĂ¡art.

Until next time,

Best regards

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